Detailed Note on Meyer Mansion Freehold Condo

Many people think house-hunting journey ends with finding a vacant space, read on to find out why this is just the beginning.


You definitely want a house that you can afford. In addition, you don’t want to spend the entire month’s sweat in house rent. Financial advisors recommend not more than 10% of your take home on rent expenditure. Where do you stand?  Our website provides info on  Meyer Mansion Freehold Condo


This is a major factor. Of course you need your life to survive. Ask around especially when moving to a new neighborhood, you may want to consult some one who has lived there or is familiar with the area. It’s a horrible idea to ask the landlord or agent I bet they will give you the answers that you want to hear, you’d do the same in their shoe; who wouldn’t? If you’ve no one to consult look for telltale signs, a house too far secluded from the rest, a perfect house with all amenities but has stayed for long without a tenant and is too cheap for its class, does that ring a bell? You should take a keener look especially if you get home late from work or you leave in the ungodly hours. If you live alone and travel often you don’t want to come home from a trip and find your house licked clean.


Water and power are your obvious candidates, but also go a step further to enquire if they are rationed. Sometimes they also accumulate arrears result to disconnection; you don’t want such unpleasant shockers when you already have a stressful boss to think about. Also enquire about nearest hospitals, police station and school. Some places are also deficient in mobile network coverage.

4.Proximity to Work

If you’re like me, you dislike commuting for 2 hours and getting tired long before you get to work. You would rather pay a slightly higher rent and walk to work a few blocks your residence. This might work if you are an NGO employee… I mean if you work in the suburbs.


You need to reasonably be able commute in and out of your neighborhood. If you suffer from car-lessness like the majority of us make sure there’s reliable public transport, better still you maybe lucky to have a train station nearby.

6.Terms and Conditions

Some landlords have ridiculous laws that govern their properties. I know of one who personally locks the main entrance at exactly 9.30p.m. and nothing short of a presidential decree will cause him to open. Others especially those living in apartments have to seek other tenants consent before throwing a house party… party animals do you read me?


The space you choose must suit you needs. You don’t have to squeeze your family of 4 in a 10 x 10 SQ in Westlands when you could comfortably settle them at Kangemi and still spare some change. Also, if you are or have a person with disability or special needs put these into consideration a flat on 3rd floor will be a horrible idea, even a ground floor apartment with 2 steps at the entrance is a real issue.