Search Engine Optimization Process

Search Engine Optimization is absolutely a strategy with perfect research and implementation. So it is of three main steps,Get more info at seo packages.





In Search Engine Optimization planning is the most important aspect. We need to plan the process according to the customer present Search Engine Optimization strategy.Planning is nothing but a complete process of SEO and the strategy which we are going to implement.You SEO Company should plan the strategy.It is key primary part to achieve search engine domination.

Planning primarily includes

1.Complete Website Analysis

2.Analyzing Keywords

3.Analyzing the Competatitors

4.Creating a Strategy


It is one of the key aspects which in turn provide results according to your decisions.We need to research the set of keywords and we need to research their competition and we need to fix some targeted keywords. Research also includes competition analysis and their targeted customers and the corresponding outcome.


By taking consideration of above planning options and research reports we can implement the SEO process to achieve target results. But we need to be very careful while implementing this process.

Steps to follow while implementing SEO process

Regular checking the keyword positions

Keyword Tracking

Website Traffic Reporting and Analyzing

Website Session Tracking

Sometimes we need to change the above strategy according to the competition strategy.

While choosing an Internet Marketing Company for SEO implementation you must be very careful about the above three main steps like




Your marketing company should adopt these steps to achieve good rankings in the search engines. Every step is very important while implementing Search Engine Optimization process. So we need to monitor each and every step to have long term results for your Business. But we should not expect overnight results. We should implement it and we need to have patience for the results.